Kzbeme Fingerprinting, Inc.

We are sad to announce that Kzbeme has closed.
Please check back later for more information.
Phone:  (309) 613-1733
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Conceal Carry & FOID
Landlord &
Small Business
Credit Reports

Name based credit
or Criminal Reports
$20.00 (each)
Healthcare &

Teachers &
Bus Drivers
Video Gaming
Perc Security
Medical License
Auto Dealer License
Massage Therapy
& Many More

Medical  Cannabis
Pictures, click here

(Veterans Appreciation)
(2017 Marigold Parade)

Livescan fingerprinting
Ink Card FD258:    $15.00 (each)
Concealed Carry Application Processing:   $20.00 
FOID card applications:     $20.00

Classroom settings by appointment (no extra charge)

Contact Us &  Locations

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